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The philosophy at Deborah Education Institute is to use the latest research in early childhood education and best practices from around the world to create a stimulating and interesting learning environment.

Our qualified and enthusiastic staff are a key factor in the success of our programmes. They deliver our carefully prepared curriculum to our students and engage them in activities that promote their confidence, communication and a desire to learn.

Children at Deborah Education Institute develop into well-balanced individuals through our exploration of different areas of learning and the use of themes to bring their learning together in a meaningful way.

Our safe, relaxed learning environments equipped with developmentally appropriate equipment make children feel comfortable and ready to learn!


Our Vision

Deborah Education Institute is dedicated to providing outstanding quality early childhood services.

Our Mission

Deborah Education Institute creates its vision by:

  • Engaging children in exciting learning opportunities that develop a lifelong love of learning

  • Developing our curriculum based on the latest research on how young children learn best

  • Working together with parents and the community

  • Employing the best teachers and school leaders to continually develop our schools

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